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  • Easy To Use - Simply Answer Some Questions
  • Web Based - Nothing To Install For PC & Mac
  • Export Easily -Export Your Scripts to PDF, PowerPoint & Text

This Is Why We Always Use Video Scripts In Our Sales Videos...

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The Most Flexible Video Script Writing Software On The Web
We've Made Video Script Writing Simple! 

We have ALL had to do it before, and if you're like us, you've probably spent a lot of time, stress & effort just trying to come up with a compelling video script only to find...

It sounds TERRIBLE!

You know you want to communicate the right message and really bring your audience into your video in order to captivate their attention and make you sales...


... It sounds like you're either the cheesiest sales man on the planet, or you create a story which makes your viewers feel like they need a strong expresso, just to stay awake!

Does this sound familiar at all?

Unless you're a pro copy writer, or, have an extra few hundred dollars to spare on outsourcers, then you are literally left, to try and make something happen, and hope it will turn out ok...

If you feel like that, then I can tell you, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

And that is why we decided to do something about it!

We decided to come up with a solution which would enable absolutely ANYONE to create engaging and compelling video scripts within a matter of minutes!





video script writing software application

The ONLY Video Scripting system of its kind that allows you to create professionally crafted video scripts
for your sales videos with the click of a few buttons

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The Perfect Video Marketing Tool For Users Of...

 Video Scripts That Actually Turn Your
Viewers Into Customers!

Now having a nice looking animated sales video with cool animations and effects is important, however with just cool animations and effects and not an actual clear marketing message your video will certainly entertain your viewers but it WON'T Make you sales or generate leads...

The most important part is actually the script!

I mean, the actual story line that brings people into your message, and compels them to take action.

Otherwise, if it's just a nice looking video...


So You Need To Ask Your Self
What Is The Main Point Of My Video?

If it is to create compelling marketing videos, that make you sales and generate you leads, then you need to create a video script that engages your viewers and compels them to take action!

And that is why we are super excited to bring you the most powerful & flexible video scripting all-in-one solution!

Creating Video Scripts In Minutes Is Now Possible!

Select Your Niche & Script Template Layout
Simply add your script name, select your niche and choose a relevant script template for your desired script. We have a whole bunch of professionally crafted script layouts to give you a wide range of variety.
Follow Each Step Adding In Each Component To Your Script
Now you can simply go through and build your script step by step, adding in each component of your script. We also have helpful notes & tips for each step to guide you through and make things even easier! 
Publish Your Scripts As .PDF or Word
Once you have created your video script, you can now easily pubish your script into a microsoft word document or as a .PDF. Then you can either record it yourself or send it to an outsourcer on fiverr or voicebunny
There Is Literally No Other Fully Flexible Video Script Writing Software On The Market Specifically Designed To Create Compelling And High Converting Video Scripts...
 Whether you’re looking to create sales videos, videos for your opt-in pages or videos for your websites and even clients, you will certainly need to create video scripts and that is why this software is not only going to save you time and effort but also will enable you to create professionally crafted scripts using high converting script templates which have been tested and proven to convert!

To make things even sweeter, we have decided to release videoscript at a really amazing discounted price to give you complete freedom to enjoy the power of creating high quality videos scripts without having to pay a fortune or any monthly fees!

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We’re 100% Confident That You Will Love our amazing product and it will be with out doubt the best marketing & business tools you will ever have. But If You Don’t...

I’m Offering A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with our software.
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